Persephone's Red Tent Services

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Girls Rights of Passage Workshop

Ages 10-13 years Old

This workshop is for girls aged 10-13 years old. It includes gatherings for girls and their mothers* and fathers*  to receive ancient feminine teachings on the power and beauty of transition from girl to women, and to support the girls as they transform into their Womanhood. Girls will participate in 2 half day sacred circle teachings to awaken their inner knowing of what it means to honor the feminine. Mothers* and Fathers* will meet on a separate evenings for support as they go through this transition with their daughter. The workshop provides an opportunity for girls to come away with a stronger sense of self and their feminine gifts, for mothers* to have a stronger relationship to shared feminine wisdom and begin to transform their relationship with their daughters as peers, and for fathers* to gain insight into their changing role in their daughter’s life.

This workshop is offered in December 2019-Jan 2020 in Ann Arbor, MI at the Enlightened Soul Center, and again in May 2020 date TBA in Rochester, MI.

 *Mother or Father participation may be provided by another significant person in the girl’s life.

Please contact me for more information, schedule, and registration.


Woman Circles and Workshops

Women of All Ages

Circles provide a safe container for women to meditate,  share experiences, & channel wisdom for themselves, each other & the wider community.  The circles are themed upon the lessons of our lunar cycle & focus intention for the coming month. Explore the ancient art of listening and speaking from your heart center.
Women workshop are opportunities to dive deeper into Feminine teachings on all different subject from lunar cycles, menstruation, blood rites, and more.

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Ceremony for Girls And Woman

Private and Group

This is one my favorite and important offerings.  I believe that when every woman is acknowledge and honor at every stage of her womanhood, she embraces the stage she is in with grace and acceptance.  When a gateway is omitted, its like the community saying "your worthiness of being a woman is unimportant", women can get stuck in a phase and can lead to depression (we see this growing in our young and postpartum woman), shame, anxiety, disease  and ability to grow into a beautiful wise elder.  

Rites of Passage Ceremonies from girl to Maiden, Maiden to Mother, Mother to Mage (mid-life), and Mage to Crone I believe can change how a  woman sees herself and others in the world.  From personal experience and observing this process ceremony can create a huge shift in one's life, and a sense of love and acceptance for oneself.

Personal Ceremonies can be created at any age and any change going on in one's life,  ie., the big 4-0, and 5-0 birthdays, divorce, marriage, adoption and more.  For personal ceremonies we will meet for consultations 2-3 times before the ceremony, and really understand the energy and the shift that will be honored.

In June 2019 I will hold a group Girls Welcome to Womanhood Ceremony. Contact me with any questions or to learn more.