About Me

Red Tent. Facilitator. Ceremony.

My name is Margitt Royce. I am a seeker, student, and facilitator of Ancient Women's Wisdom. It is in my nature to leave no stone unturned.  But as a young nurse and mother I began to feel that something was missing. I felt terribly alone and I knew that there was more than I could provide to heal my patients, and to raise my children.

When my children were young I devoured every book that mentioned ancient women wisdom and spirituality. I then began to attend workshops and classes from gifted Shamans and Mystic Medicine women. I was hungry to satisfy this feeling that I had of the unknown. I sat in woman circles and healed myself with herbs, food, and gifted healers. After those healings I was able to become a Doula, Health Coach, and Red Tent facilitator. I began to facilitate Girl Rites of Passage workshops and performing Ceremonies. I have traveled into the dark shadows of myself and discovered so much of what that my inner maiden was missing. 

I was missing my Red Tent, my circle of women, my tribe, my sound board, my inspiration and teachers.  I was missing as a young woman teachings on womb care, menstruation, and sacred sexuality. I was missing the importance of being myself. There was no Elder to hold me  through the Shamanic experience of Birth and motherhood, and share real wisdom on child raising, marriage and relationships. I was missing Ceremony and celebrating me and my Blood Rites. All of these steps of discovering me and my relationships to my body, my spirit and my relationships with others.

It's not of any fault of my family or community, for they didn't know either.  How woman gain wisdom and carry these ancient feminine teachings has been lost for hundreds of generations. They couldn't provide or even know what I was seeking.

The seeking has led me through a healing journey, rich with self discovery and self love.  Ancient Feminine teachings that feel true to me.  It has also led me to break free from old paradigms and begin a new life full of ceremony and wisdom for myself and my daughter, my husband and my son.  

Now it is time to for me to share these teaching and ceremonies with Girls and Women. They are a rite for every woman born on this planet. If we look closely around the globe, every ancient culture honored women through all of the stages: Maiden, Mother, Mage, and Crone. My wish is for women and girls to be ceremonially honored into their womanhood, for them to understand their Divine Feminine Gifts, and discover the magical creators they are. 

I am glad we have found each other. As woman to woman I truly believe we are not to do any of this work alone. I would not be here writing if I didn't have my beautiful tribe of women I call Sisters holding me.  I will continue to be a seeker, and share my love of Ancient Women's Wisdom.